Thin line

There is this thin line between love and hate
And would you believe I fell in love in that space,
Maybe it was destiny, call it fate,
One moment there would be intense love that without debate,
Would feel like a love rapture,
My soul being ca0ptured,
Heart being wrapped up,
But Then in a second, love was ruptured
My heart shattered,
Mind fractured,
She transformed into this nasty motherfucker (creature),
With hatred being plastered,
A stain that to this day still remains, nothing left to give, only love’s carcass, decaying remains…
Can’t believe I had crossed over,never knew love had a border,
If I did, I’d spend forever trying to find the four corners and stand in the middle so I’d always be at your love’s center
But now this hateful hatred,
No longer loved, I’m just another man being hated
Memories dissipated,
The good times diluted,
Two no longer united, now one and one, separated,
The line between love and hate,
Now two dots divided,
Two stories that are one sided
Behind love, hate was hiding
Would never had seen it coming,
Jah know star… God couldn’t show me an omen
No longer black or white just grey area arguments
No more late night conversations
Now its too late in the night to conversate,
How and when did love cross over into hate,
This thin line needs to be erased and replaced…
It’s too fickle, you tip toe near the line and can’t shift a little
If you slip you slide, then your heart is crippled,
The end of a romance, love was never simple,
I wished someone would have told me that this line doesn’t give examples,
Chooses by random sample,
You mind turn to shambles
Love, hate, as thin as the line is it cuts deep down the middle,
A line that has proven to be more than mere mortals can handle.


Hate Love

They say me and my girl have a love hate relationship,
But I don’t love hate.
What they don’t appreciate is that my mind she stimulates
And when we get intimate, my fears she decimates
with words like…

I love you.

And I would get poetic and say some shit like
I love you too,
Yes that’s times two,

How do I love you, trying to count the ways,
And I won’t deny that I hate love some days,
And I hate her and some ways
And the tricks love plays,
For each argument a fine my soul pays,
Losing me with each moment that an argument waste,

And I’d hate love,
Not her.

Like the times when she’d get upset because of something I’ll forget,
And for days she’d up and get vex
And I’d hating love and love loses respect
But earns it back in the makeup sex,
A hateful love that’s so simply complex,
While outsiders looking in always get perplexed,
Trying to categories,
And have us marginalized,
Not seeing what I see looking into her eyes,
And so they use stereo types to access our lives
But they need to realize that love isn’t always wise.

Now I hate love.
Because I was seeking perfection,
But fell in love with imperfection knowing love carries its own implications,
Creating impaired vision, while preying on emotions, evoking beep affection.
So yes, I love her.
But hate love for all its sweetly cruel intentions.


Behind their lies the truth lies,
Hiding the truth between the lines
Calling them fairy tales and nursery rhymes,
Afraid of the bible because it tells of signs,
To lead the blind, they tell lies in their vision,
Posting alternate facts on their television
Using a box to misguide the nation
Saying think outside the box because they have our brain boxed in
They put us in the box then instruct us on how we should be thinking,
They say stay on the inside, thinking of out,
Mind like a prisoner who wants to get out,
Confined to this box like prison bars,
Trying but can’t hide these boxed in scars,
Having fore-telling visions of a future lost
If the borders of this box can’t be crossed.
So they feed us impaired knowledge with our vision retarded,
Saying we have a handicap due to lack of knowledge,
While life poses a constant challenge,
We’re locked in the box seeking revenge,
The only way to gain the advantage,
Is to stand outside the box and be outstanding,
And while outside the box apply keen thinking,
Not of the inside or the borders the box provide,
But of the opportunities that the box tried to hide
So next time they say we are in a box, ask to be put in a boxing ring,
At least then you know you’d have to fight your way out to win.

Love’s Effect

For her I stood erect
I could not have been more direct
From head to toes I inspect
She looked at me like an insect
Knitting her brows, showing deject
I said; hold on, what did you expect
You walk around exposing your breast
They must be the topic of the subject
They’re exposed, nipples cold, pointing at every object
Then you look down on me with abject

She paused for a moment no words for her to select
She knew I was right and meant no disrespect
So I opened my mouth and paid due respect
And she blushed and smiled at my quaint dialect
When the poet chose words, my choice was perfect
Soon her heart became the topic of my project
And when we met, souls connect
Hearts joined, no one could dissect
And each day one more memory to collect

My soul searches no more, I’ve found my prospect
And love is pondered in all aspect
Wanting to ensure that there is no disconnect
In her, no wrong can I detect
In my eyes she’s never incorrect
And in her presents I feel imperfectly perfect
Her love virus took over my soul and my life it infect.
While my heart I inspect as a cure I try to inject
But in love so deep our souls interconnect
Hearts entwined, neither can eject
Only deflect the effects of disaffect
Caused by loves rejects
So we don’t reflect on love’s regret
But live by love’s architect
Using the day we met and the joy it resurrect
To direct and redirect our life, limiting love’s aftereffect.

Where am I?

Here I am
But is this what I think I am
I’ve faced worse, testing who I am
And I know I can’t run from who I am
Because it’s what I am
That creates the man I am
Do you understand where I am?
Trying to transform the man I am
To be a better man than I am
Looking at the mirror unable to see who I am
Am I as real as I think I am
Or as righteous as I feel I am
My mind’s not where I am
But deep in contemplation as to where I am
While trying to fix the man I am
As I go along, trying to find who, what or where I am
For now I have to resign to being who I am


Let’s make love.
Let’s grow love.
Create love,
Watch love develop,
Transform lust and emotions like love into love
Build it into real love,
True love,
No lying love, trying to fake love
I’m a slave to your love,
A love slave so deep in love.
Not new to love
Just not used to your kinda love,
So intense, an incensed love,
So much love,
A boundless love,
With depth and substance
A love filled with resilience
A timeless love,
Birth in a second, feels like a lifetime
love at first sight,
But love learned over time.
Over time I’ve come to know love.
Watch love in full flight,
This is beyond love,
A future love,
A vision of a brighter love,
A Union of love conceived with love,
Two hearts, now one spirit, joined in love,
No doubt this is love,
My entire being senses and feels your love,
And with the same intensity I give you my love.

I salute you…

Girl, when mi see you mi affi fi stand up,
Out of due respect to the goddess before me, I have to rise,usually by surprise, in an instant my temperature rise,
And I must get up, standing hardened, by the rushing blood coursing through my veins,
I salute you
My girl when mi see yu mi affi stand up
Cause it would be embarrassing to sit while standing
And I will remain standing until you exit.

ESquire…@ 2019